Charlie Haas unexpected retirement last night

Former WWE, and current ROH, star Charlie Haas announced his retirement from wrestling on Saturday before a match with Jeff Louis Neal at the ROH show in Asheville, NC. Haas came to the ring to start the second half of the show, and cut a long, and sometimes rambling, promo about his history in wrestling and having done enough. He wrestled the match, and then stayed in the ring after the match and drew cheers from the crowd. Someone on the ROH staff waved him to come to the back twice, and Haas flipped him off both times. He asked for a mic but was not given one after the match, so he cut a similar promo by just yelling it into the crowd.

During both promos, he called out ROH booker Delirious (a/k/a Hunter Johnston) and ROH commentator Kevin Kelly, specifically referring to Kelly as a “fat piece of shit,” for “all the things they say” about him. Haas was visibly shaken and cried during the entire match and later in the locker room. He changed and packed quickly, leaving the building in an agitated state.




Apparently ROH Corporate pissed off Charlie Haas.



“It’s funny, because pro wrestling many people don’t get, and there’s an old saying, “Pro wrestling is like religion”. They’re very similar in regards that if you’re trying to explain to somebody who doesn’t get it, there is no explanation that will get them to get it. But someone who gets it, there is no explanation needed. It’s just very black and white.” – CM Punk

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