“I’m gonna go a…

“I’m gonna go ahead and give my alternative opinion on this for those reading. Do NOT move without a plan. Do NOT eat tuna 5x a day. Just because you hear one crazy success story about Austin living in his car eating potatoes and tuna does not mean it’s the right way. Instead, get an education. Have a fall back plan. Find a job that offers decent pay, benefits, and most importantly health insurance. Then, take some risks with wrestling. This business is a one in a million shot. And in today’s industry, education matters. Your body is your investment. Treat it properly. Having a financially rewarding backup plan will allow you to have much more fun wrestling. A lot of the stresses most independent guys face on a daily basis will disappear. Moral of the story, apply common sense. This is no longer a carny business. It hasn’t been in years. So do not treat it that way. Treat it like a business and create a 5 and 10 year plan.”

– Tommaso Ciampa