Top 10 non ultraviolent deathmatches you should watch on CZW Studios

Combat Zone Wrestling is known for their ultraviolent deathmatches which often include glass plates and fluorescent light tubes. I myself are not a fan of these matches, but over the years CZW have caught my attention with some of their non ultraviolent deathmatches.

A few months ago CZW started, a streaming site with over 150 CZW and WSU (Women Superstars Uncensored). In July, CZW Studios had a promotion where you could get your first month for 99 cents (normally $9.99/month), and I took advantage of the sale. I found some gems that normally a person who is not a fan of ultraviolent matches wouldn’t know about simply because they are turned off by the product (I know a few). If you are ever willing to join CZWstudios (and aren’t a fan of these hardcore matches), here are 10 non ultraviolent matches that you could watch on CZW Studios.


1) Beaver Boys vs Juicy Product (c) vs OI4K in a ladder match for the CZW Tag Team Championships (Down With the Sickness 9/13/14)

Six men in a match + ladders = crazy match.

22) AR Fox vs Mile Bailey (New Heights 7/11/15)

After winning the 2015 edition of the Best of the Best tournament, people in the online wrestling community started to call Mike Bailey one of the best high flyers on the wrestling scene. AR Fox took offence to this. Due to the jealousy of never winning Best of the Best, Fox attacked Bailey in May. With his new attitude (some say due to his newly wed wife), Fox sets his sights on Bailey, in a match that proves these two are two of the best high flyers today.

33) Beaver Boys vs OI4K (c) vs the Young Bucks vs Team Tremendous in a four corners tag team match for the CZW Tag Team Championships (New Heights 7/11/15)

From the same event as the previous, CZW put 4 of the best tags teams in the world in a match together. With this, you’re bound to get an action packed main event. Also, the superkick record might’ve been set.

44) Adam Cole vs Sami Callihan in a No Holds Barred Match (Cage of Death XIV 12/8/12)

Adam Cole and Sami Callihan had an on and off feud in CZW for well over 2 years. This started in the finals of Best of the Best X (which you can also watch on CZW studios) and had their final encounter in April 2013. Here’s a must watch No Holds Barred match between two wrestling who are trying to prove who is better.

55) AR Fox (c) vs Biff Busick for the CZW Wired Title (New Heights 7/13/13)

The stiff and technical Biff Busick takes on the high flying AR Fox in a battle of different styles. Be sure to watch this one.

66) OI4K (c) vs the Young Bucks for the CZW Tag Team Championships (Sixteen 2/21/15)

Here is the Young Bucks’ debut match in CZW and they did not disappoint the combat zone fans.

77) Andrew Everett vs Trevor Lee (Proving Grounds 5/9/15)

These two men from North Carolina have been tearing up the indy scene, wither they’re teaming together or facing each other. This match is no exception.

88) AR Fox vs Andrew Everett vs Mike Bailey in a Round 1 match in the Best of the Best tournament (Best of the Best XIII 4/12/14)

Once a year CZW brings in twelve of the best wrestlers (all with different styles) from all over the world for a tournament to see who is simply the best. This match features 3 of the best high flyers on the wrestling scene today. This was Mike Bailey’s first time in the Combat Zone (and one of the first I’ve seen him wrestle) and did he impress…well all 3 did.

99) AR Fox vs Drew Gulak (c) for the CZW World Title (High Stakes 3/8/14)

Gulak is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world today. Watch him in his quest for a better Combat Zone, when he puts his title on the line against AR Fox.

1110) Adam Cole vs Zack Sabre, Jr. in a Semi Finals match in the Best of the Best tournament (Best of the Best X 4/9/11)

This is a little glimpse of greatness of two on the current best. I recommend watching the whole 10th edition of the Best of the Best tournament (see also the Match of the Day: Cole vs Gargano vs O’Reilly which was posted earlier today).