Top 10 Miz Matches


When the Miz came into the WWE locker room in 2004, everyone had their doubts of the former Real World star. It’s been a long, hard fought journey from reality TV star to sports entertainer. Miz eventually made his way up the ladder of WWE, and he even main evented WrestleMania (which he will remind you of every second he gets). If you love him or you hate him, you can’t deny that the Miz is a talent. His charisma and mic skills are off the charts, but one thing he’s not really known for is being a good wrestler. In my opinion, the Miz is very underrated when it comes to his in ring work. Here are ten of the Miz’s best matches.

1) vs John Morrison (Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Championship)

Raw January 4, 2011

2) vs Daniel Bryan (United States Championship Match)

Night of Champions 2010 September 19, 2010

3) vs Rey Mysterio (WWE Championship Match)

Raw July 25, 2011

4) vs Dolph Ziggler

Main Event November 21, 2012

5) vs Kofi Kingston (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Main Event October 17, 2012

6) vs Wade Barrett (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Raw April 8, 2013

7) vs Daniel Bryan vs John Morrison (Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match for the United States Championship)

Hell In A Cell 2010 October 3, 2010

8) vs Jerry “The King” Lawler (TLC Match for the WWE Championship)

Raw November 29, 2010

9) vs Christian (Intercontinental Championship Match)

Smackdown July 27, 2012

10) vs Chris Jericho vs Wade Barrett (Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship Match)

Raw March 18, 2013

Honorable Mention: vs Cesaro (2 out of 3 Falls Match for the United States Championship)

Smackdown March 1, 2013