Ranking all PWG’s 2015 events


2015 was a big year for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Even with the minor setback of Ring of Honor pulling their contracted talent from the promotion, PWG came back better than ever, bringing in young and new talent. 2015 had a lot of debuts including European talents such as Marty Scurll and Will Ospreay, and new tag teams such as Team Tremendous and the Beaver Boys, to the Lucha Underground talent, Drago and Pentagon Jr.

Roderick Strong started and finished the year as PWG World Champion, Trevor Lee and Mike Bailey continued to have great performances, we saw a new and improved Mount Rushmore, and the Young Bucks proved that they’re still the best tag team on planet earth.

In this article I’ll be taking a look at all ten PWG events in 2015, starting with From Out Of Nowhere to All Star Weekend 11, ranking them from worst to best.


10) DDT4 2015 – May 22

First (or in this case 10th) on the list is DDT4. This is an annual tournament that I really enjoy (DDT4 2011 was one of the first PWG DVDs that I owned). I’ve been disappointed with the past couple of DDT4 events, including this one, as I felt like this was the weakest show PWG put on in 2015. Due to a camera malfunction, four of the matches used only one camera angle, as this really took away from the event. It was also another year that the Young Bucks were not in the tournament (despite being PWG’s top tag team).

Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee were the stars of this show. There’s no doubt that these two men from North Carolina have great chemistry together, wither they’re facing each other or teaming together.

Match of the Night: Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee vs Inner City Machine Guns (Rich Swann & Ricochet)

Overall Rating: 7/10


9)  All Star Weekend 11 – Night One – December 11

Next up is night one of December’s All Star Weekend 11. This weekend had the return of a lot of the European talent booked during BOLA weekend. It also some surprising returns from Sami Callihan (first time in a PWG in over 2 years), and a rare appearance from Kenny Omega (there’s also a few other surprises).

The young talent really shined this night, from Trevor Lee facing Will Ospreay in a show stealing performance, to Mike Bailey taking on the 15 year veteran Kenny Omega.

Match of the Night: Mike Bailey vs Kenny Omega

Overall Rating: 7.5/10


8) Threemendous IV – July 24

The 12th anniversary show starts off with a good opener but goes on to have an underwhelming undercard with matches such as Brian Cage vs Johnny Gargano and Rich Swann vs Andrew Everett. This trend continues until Chris Hero and Mike Bailey have a hard hitting battle. Ricochet and the returning Akira Tozawa go on to have a really good match, but no where near the quality of their matches from Dragon Gate.

The Young Bucks vs Jack Evans and Angelico have a wild end to the night, in which Evans proves he’s still one of the best high flyers in the world. Not to mention the bright future of Angelico in professional wrestling. The last three matches are the reason to watch this show.

Match of the Night: Mike Bailey vs Chris Hero

Overall Rating: 7.5/10


7) Mystery Vortex III – June 26

The third installment of Mystery Vortex (the event where the match card are kept a mystery until that night), starts off average until the forth match in which Mike Bailey faces Roderick Strong for the PWG World Championship. The match told a great story with Bailey going in as the true underdog and had the Reseda crowd reacting to every near fall and had them believing that he would walk away the new PWG World Champion. This match exceeds 4 stars along with Chris Hero vs Zack Sabre Jr. and the Young Bucks vs Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee for the PWG Tag Team Championships.

Match of the Night: Mike Bailey vs Roderick Strong

Overall Rating: 7.5/10


6) All Star Weekend 11 – Night Two – December 12

The second night of the December shows, All Star Weekend 11 has three matches that really make this event special. Starting with two of the last three matches of the night, Trevor Lee vs Matt Sydal and Kenny Omega vs Will Ospreay, are the two best singles matches on the card. One of these could’ve easily been the Match of the Night if it wasn’t for the crazy Guerrilla Warfare main event match. Although being overbooked at times, the match truly felt like a war between the PWG locker room and the newly improved Mount Rushmore 2.0 (watch Night One). If this match took place in the 80s, it would’ve taken place at War Games. Great ending to the show, weekend, and year.

Match of the Night: Team PWG (Mike Bailey, Chris Hero, Joey Ryan and Candice LeRae) vs Mount Rushmore 2.0 (Roderick Strong, Adam Cole, and the Young Bucks) in a Guerrilla Warfare Match

Overall Rating: 8/10


5) From Out Of Nowhere – February 27

PWG starts off 2015 with a bang in this event. There’s only one dud in this event (ACH vs AR Fox), the rest of the event is an all around solid card. Ricochet vs Matt Sydal have a high flying spectacle and Trevor Lee has a show stealing performance in his World Championship match against the defending Roderick Strong. This also was the start to one of the best years in Roderick Strong’s career.

Match of the Night: Roderick Strong vs Trevor Lee

Overall Rating: 8/10


4) 2015 Battle of Los Angeles – Final Stage – August 30

BOLA: Final Stage is a two disc DVD with the runtime of 4 hours (which ultimately becomes the downside to this event). With the Reseda crowd havng to sit through 5 1/2 hours of wrestling, you could say they were exhausted. The crowd didn’t always react the way they should’ve (which is not their fault), but they put forth a good effort. This took away from some of the matches. Even with the event being 4 hours long, some of the matches (12 matches in total) needed more time.

With all the negative aside, Night 3 was a solid event with great moments like Pentagon Jr. vs Zack Sabre Jr. (which you probably won’t see anywhere else), Mike Bailey making it to the finals of the tournament, and Zack Sabre being crowned the 2015 Battle of Los Angeles winner.

Match of the Night: Mount Rushmore 2.0 (Roderick Strong, Super Dragon, and The Young Bucks vs Angelico, Fenix, and the Inner City Machine Guns (Rich Swann and Ricochet)

Overall Rating: 8/10


3) 2015 Battle of Los Angeles – Stage One – August 28

Staring with some good undercard matches such a Biff Busick vs Andrew Everett and Mark Andrews vs Will Ospreay to ending the night with three 4 star matches such as Drago vs Pentagon Jr, Fenix vs Matt Sydal and Mount Rushmore 2.0 vs Eurotrash, night one was a great start to the 2015 edition of the Battle of Los Angeles. Enough said.

Match of the Night: Mount Rushmore 2.0 (Roderick Strong and The Young Bucks) vs Eurotrash (Tommy End, Zack Sabre Jr., and Marty Scurll)

Overall Rating: 8.5/10


2) Don’t Sweat the Technique – April 3

Putting this show second on the list was the hardest thing I had to do. There’s not one disappointing match on the card (except maybe ACH vs Tommaso Ciampa). Mike Bailey and Trevor Lee had the closest thing to a 4 star match in the second contest of the night (seems to be a trend with these two guys).

If you like hard hitting matches, Chris Hero vs Tommy End is for you. If you like high flying action, there’s Andrew Everett vs Ricochet, and if you like technical clinics, there’s Roderick Strong vs Zack Sabre Jr. There’s something for every wrestling fan in PWG. There’s not enough praise I could give to the second best show of the year.

Match of the Night: Roderick Strong vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10


1) 2015 Battle of Los Angeles – Stage Two – August 29

The top PWG event of 2015 has to be the second night of the Battle of Los Angeles. Starting with entertaining openers such as Marty Scurll vs Rich Swann and Jack Evans vs his tag team partner Angelico, going straight to an instant classic from Chris Hero and Timothy Thatcher (just was great as their WWN encounter). The Lucha Underground talent took over in a tag match, you’ll probably never see in any other promotion. MOTY candidate Mike Bailey vs Drew Galloway told a great story in a modern day David vs Goliath. Then ending the night in a brutal and hard hitting 6 man Tag Team Guerrilla Warfare Match. It would be hard for PWG to top this show in the future (but I hope they do).

Match of the Night: Mike Bailey vs Drew Galloway

Overall Rating: 10/10

Incase you haven’t seen any of these shows, here’s a preview of all 10 events.

Just when you thought PWG couldn’t top themselves, they proved us all wrong in 2015. The 2015 Battle of Los Angeles DVD set is a must see and essential to any collection, as well as Don’t Sweat the Technique. You can purchase any of these DVDs at www.prowrestlingguerrilla.com.