Monthly Wrestling Unboxing: Pro Wrestling Crate


This month I signed up for Pro Wrestling Crate, the monthly subscription box founded by the guys behind Top Rope Tuesday. Every month has a different theme, with a shirt and other collectibles pertaining to that theme. With March’s theme being “Mania” and with two shirts being in every crate, I couldn’t pass up this month’s crate.


First of all the box for the crate is well designed. This is one of the better packages out of all the wrestling crates out there. Very well made. Made me even more excited to see what was inside.


This box was small but able to fit two shirts and other goodies.


1) The Irresistible Force vs The Immovable Object WM3 shirt
I’m not a big fan of this match (or Hogan at all) but it’s one of the greatest moments in wrestling history. I like the shirt and it’s a great addition to any wrestling fan’s collection.

2) Icon vs Icon WM X8 shirt
Not one but two shirts. If you know me, you would know that I think this is one of the worst WrestleMania matches ever. With that said, I still like the shirt and I will wear it regardless of how I feel about the match.


3) Mat Mania CD
I had to look at the checklist to figure out if this was a CD or DVD. It seems like it’s remixes of popular WWE theme songs. I’m excited to see how this CD sounds.


4) I’m Sorry I Love You HBK Superkick Car Air Freshener
Great design of Shawn Michaels giving a superkick to Ric Flair during their WrestleMania 24 match. I don’t have a car but this air freshener smells damn good. It will definitely go in my future car.

5) Death Valley Funeral Home Keychain
Great 90s throwback keychain for anyone that’s an Undertaker fan (is there anyone that isn’t?).

6) March Mania Pin
Simple pin. Pins seem to be making a comeback, aren’t they?


7) ‘My Other Ride’ Car Window Sticker
Once again, don’t have a car (cause I live in New York and don’t really need one) but I might save this one if I was to ever get one.

8) Pro Wrestling Crate Item Checklist

Great box for the month of March from Pro Wrestling Crates. This was the first PWC I received and I enjoyed it very much. The 2 shirts in this crate alone was well worth the $29.95 ($24.95 plus $5 shipping) plus 10% off with promo code. To subscribe to the monthly crate go to or click the picture below. Don’t forget to use the promo code given at checkout.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10