Monthly Wrestling Unboxing: Highspots Box


“The Highspots box brings you the finest wrestling products in the world each month. Our boxes are packed with love and wooooo’s and feature dvd’s, t-shirts, masks, figures, 8×10’s, novelites and so much more. We scour our vast warehouse and bring you a box filled with wrestling goodness each month. It’s better than Christmas.”* has a monthly subscription box which has two options. Tier 1 which goes for $14.99/month which is their standard box, or Tier 2 which is their deluxe box and includes extra goodies. The Tier 2 box is one box I received and it goes for $29.99/month. I was excited to receive this one so let’s get right to it.


Items come in a USPS priority mail box. Not an appealing box but the items sure do make up for it.


These are all the items in this month’s mystery box.


1) Zack Sabre Jr. & The Technical Wizards T-Shirt

This shirt usually goes for $25. I know this for a fact because I’ve purchased this shirt off Zack Sabre Jr. at an Evolve show in the past. He asked me for 25 american dollars. Cool shirt to one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Retail: $25


2) Two Falls to a Finish – Sixty Years of British Pro Wrestling DVD

British wrestling seems to be the theme for this box. I’m interested in watching this documentary as I know very little about British Wrestling. This DVD can be purchased at

Retail: $14.99

3) Hitting the Highspots – UK Edition DVD

The great thing with the Highspots Box is that they usually include 2 or more DVDs in their monthly box. Second DVD included was Hitting the Highspots: UK Edition. Rob Naylor sits down with Marty Scurll, Will Ospreay and Mark Andrews. Another one I’m excited to see. Can be purchased HERE.

Retail: $12.99


4) WWE Jakks Main Event Series Tazz In Commentator Suit figure

Cool figure of Tazz in his commentator suit which usually sells for $9.99 on their SITE.

Retail: $9.99

5) JR’s Triple Threat Teriyaki Beef Jerky

If you’re a fan of beef jerky (which I am not), there’s a pack of Teriyaki beef jerky. I’ve had JR’s BBQ products before and they’re pretty delicious. This is usually sold for $7.99 at

Retail: $7.99


6) Stan Hansen Autographed Photo

On top of all the items in the box, there’s an autographed photo of Stan Hansen (who is in this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class). Great addition to anyone’s memorabilia collection. There’s a different photo on the Highspots website which goes for $11.99.

Retail: $11.99

7) Gran Nicolay picture

I have no idea what this is or how much it’s worth.

Retail: ???


Overall Retail: Over $82.95

With the tagline “The Best Wrestling Products Delivered To Your Door!” how could you disagree. The Highspots monthly subscription box is the one box I receive on a monthly basis, because it’s my favorite wrestling themed monthly box. They include a bunch of items which usually includes a shirt, several DVDs, an autographed 8×10 photo and more. The value exceeds the price point of the boxes. I recommend purchasing the Tier 2 box. At $29.99 a month ($38.92 with shipping) you can’t go wrong. You can sign up for this box at or

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