Another 10 non ultraviolent deathmatches you should watch on CZW Studios


Throughout the years Combat Zone Wrestling has been known by wrestling fans mostly for their deathmatches. CZW tends to get a bad reputation for just being deathmatch based promotion, when in actually they try please every type of wrestling fan. People who aren’t fans of deathmatches tend to miss another great matches that aren’t ultraviolent deathmatches.

It’s been about a year since CZW started their streaming site and Roku channel which has 8 different promotions including WSU and Five Borough Wrestling. Shortly after it was started, I joined and took a look at a bunch of great matches. Shortly after that I posted an article with the top 10 non ultraviolent deathmatches you should watch on CZW Studios which can be seen HERE. It’s been almost a year since that article was released and now I’m back with 10 more non ultraviolent deathmatches matches that you should watch on

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