Another 10 non ultraviolent deathmatches you should watch on CZW Studios


Throughout the years Combat Zone Wrestling has been known by wrestling fans mostly for their deathmatches. CZW tends to get a bad reputation for just being deathmatch based promotion, when in actually they try please every type of wrestling fan. People who aren’t fans of deathmatches tend to miss another great matches that aren’t ultraviolent deathmatches.

It’s been about a year since CZW started their streaming site and Roku channel which has 8 different promotions including WSU and Five Borough Wrestling. Shortly after it was started, I joined and took a look at a bunch of great matches. Shortly after that I posted an article with the top 10 non ultraviolent deathmatches you should watch on CZW Studios which can be seen HERE. It’s been almost a year since that article was released and now I’m back with 10 more non ultraviolent deathmatches matches that you should watch on


1) AR Fox vs Mile Bailey in a ladder match for the CZW Best Of The Best 14 Trophy (Down With the Sickness 9/12/15)

This match is absolutely insane. The punishment these two men take is ridiculous. This match alone is worth the $9.99 price tag.


2) Chris Dickinson vs Davey Richards (Cage of Death XV 12/14/2013)

I remember when this match was announced shortly before it happened, I really wanted to see this match live. I was unable to do so cause I was going to Ring of Honor Final Battle, which was on the same night. I knew this match would steal the show, and it did just that. I finally got to watch this match recently and did it live up to the hype.


3) Mike Bailey vs Sami Callihan (Seventeen 2/13/2016)

I’ve been a big fan of Mike Bailey since seeing him in the 2014 Best of the Best tournament. There’s not a Mike Bailey match I’ve seen that disappoints.


4) Joey Janela vs Lio Rush (c) in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the CZW Wired Title (Seventeen 2/13/2016)

These two have been tearing in up in the CZW ring for months now having one of my favorite feuds in the Combat Zone in recent years. When I received my Cage of Death 17 DVD from Highspots, I couldn’t wait to pop it in and watch the match between Janela and Rush. The feud continues in this 2 out of 3 falls match for the Wired Title. I recommend this match and every other match of their’s in this must watch feud.


5) David Starr vs Jonathan Gresham in the finals of the Best of the Best 15 tournament (Best of the Best 15 4/9/2016)

David Starr and Jonathan Gresham met in the finals in a long and grueling battle after having 2 other matches each on the very same night. The ending to the 2016 Best of the Best tournament was fantastic.


6) Mia Yim vs Greg Excellent in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match (Aerial Assault 3/10/2012)

After seeing their excellent match at Night of Infamy on DVD (which I could’ve seen live if it wasn’t for my cousin and significant other that didn’t want to stay after the Dragon Gate USA Bushido show) I had to go out of my way to watch this one. You should as well.


7) Dave Crist vs David Starr vs Lio Rush vs Joey Janela (c) in a 4-Way Match for the CZW Wired Title (Proving Grounds 3/26/2016)

This 4-way match had a lot of action from the moment the bell rang. There’s also some innovative spots I’ve never seen before. These are the stars of today all in one match.


8) Super Dragon & Excalibur vs El Generico & Kevin Steen (Cage of Death 6: Dual Dimension 12/11/2004)

This match can also be found on the Best of Kevin Steen in CZW (which is also on CZW Studios). A bunch of great PWG talent inside the Combat Zone. I wonder what ever happened to that Kevin Steen guy.


9) David Starr vs JT Dunn (Tangled Web 8 10/10/2015)

Both men debuted for CZW at Tangled Web 6 in a match against eachother. After facing eachother, the two formed a tag team a tore up the Independent wrestling scene for well over a year, becoming one of the top tag teams in wrestling. After their breakup they once and tore it up, but this time against eachother, in promotions like Beyond Wrestling and FBW. Two years after their CZW debut, they once again face eachother, but this time it’s heated.


10) Adam Cole vs Kyle O’Reilly vs Johnny Gargano in a Round 1 match in the Best of the Best 10 tournament (Best of the Best X 4/9/2011)

In my last article I recommended watching the semi-finals match between Adam Cole and Zack Sabre Jr. (who both became two of the best in the world). This is another match from that night with Adam Cole and 2 other future greats Kyle O’Reilly and Johnny Gargano.