How Some Jabroni Would’ve Booked Survivor Series 2015


We’re a few days away from the 2016 edition of Survivor Series. The event is one of the big four WWE events of the calendar year, but for the past few years the event has become stale and hasn’t lived up to the hype the other three events have due to poor booking decisions. Right now I’m going to look at one event in particular and that’s last year’s Survivor Series.

There was a lot of questionable booking decisions for last year’s Survivor Series, like why are the Undertaker and Kane facing the Wyatt Family in a tag team match and not a traditional Survivor Series elimination tag team match. Many people think they could do a better job at booking these shows and creating these matches. I’m going to do just that, book the matches that I think should’ve happened at the 2015 Survivor Series event. But once again, what do I know…I’m just some internet jabroni.

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