Meet the competitors of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic


Evolve 61 Aftermath

EVOLVE 61 Quick Hit: The Shocking Gargano-Galloway Main Event Aftermath!

Top 10 non ultraviolent deathmatches you should watch on CZW Studios

Combat Zone Wrestling is known for their ultraviolent deathmatches which often include glass plates and fluorescent light tubes. I myself are not a fan of these matches, but over the years CZW have caught my attention with some of their non ultraviolent deathmatches.

A few months ago CZW started, a streaming site with over 150 CZW and WSU (Women Superstars Uncensored). In July, CZW Studios had a promotion where you could get your first month for 99 cents (normally $9.99/month), and I took advantage of the sale. I found some gems that normally a person who is not a fan of ultraviolent matches wouldn’t know about simply because they are turned off by the product (I know a few). If you are ever willing to join CZWstudios (and aren’t a fan of these hardcore matches), here are 10 non ultraviolent matches that you could watch on CZW Studios.

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